Graphics Impact (6 scripts+guide) With Master Resale Rights

Product picture Graphics Impact (6 scripts+guide) With Master Resale Rights

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Dazzle Your Visitors With

Watch Your Competitors Turn GREEN With Envy As You
Overflow Your Bank Account While Their FORGETTABLE Websites
Repel Customers Like The Plague!

I know you know what Im talking about...

You get email promotions flooding your inbox daily, and every link you click takes you to the exact same sales page, over and over... just different words.

You spend MAYBE 3 seconds there, hoping THE COPY grabs your attention.

Well, I dont know about you, but Im not an expert copywriter. I need something more than
hot button phrases and emotional triggers. So I have to count on what I am good at...
and thats creating unique looking sales page graphics.

Did you think that was it?? ME TOO!!

Then I realized that to really make these sites a cut above the rest, youd need a few powerful scripts to blow your competition away...

So I decided to include a group of Super Scripts for you to use:

Script #1: How to Make Your Own Software Generator

If you want to market your own simpleware product, that only takes a few days to produce, including coming up with the idea, making it, and debugging it then you need to read this section. Armed with the information in here youll know exactly how to Create Your Own Software that could sell thousands of copies just like the Pros

Script #2: How to Get An E-Book Boost

Learn how to maximise the download rate of your free viral ebooks and reports using this clever script that takes just seconds to install on your web site. If you want to spread the word and increase your marketing efforts you need this script.

Script #3: Interactive Sales Letters

If you havent heard about interactive sales letters, theyre very cool. What you have is a regular sales page with a set of options in the letter every once in a while. The user can pick one of the choices, and parts of the sales letter change based on what the user has chosen. Personalizing your sale copy in this way could double or triple your current conversion rates!

Script #4: Price Negotiator

Would you like to market test your prices on the fly, get valuable feedback from your customers without pressurizing them into filling out lengthy questionnaires and surveys. This powerful script will ask your customers what they think your product is worth then itll email you their answers. Run this on your site for a few weeks and youll know the optimum market price for your product!

Script #5: Item-Based Sales Counter

Do you run time limited special offers or quantity based sales? If so then this script is just what you need to automate your sales. you can generate sales where you offer a product up for sale and offer, say, only 25 copies. Once one copy is sold that number changes to 24, then 23, and so on until theyre all gone. This is a much better than a timed countdown sales since:

1. Your offer is never going to end prematurely, it will run until your quota runs out.
2. You know how much youre going to make on your sale.
3. You should generate more orders as the number drops by generating scarcity with your offer.
4. People are assured there is only a limited number of these out in the wild (great for resale rights).
5. If someone misses out on this special offer they should be more likely to pounce on the next one.

Script #6: Split Tester

Split testing is a way to fine tune your sales copy so you can improve your conversion rates. Its a very scientific process -- you make only small methodical tweaks, just a few things at a time so you only focus on a few variables. For example, you might try one font against another on a site. 50 of the visitors will see your site in a particular font, the other 50 in some alternate font. Or you might want to rotate different headlines, long copy vs. short copy, the background color...

Over time and with some patient work you can increase the chance that a visitor to your site will buy from you and maximise the profit you earn from every site. You need to test and with this script you can!

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